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The cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline Project, on November 6, 2015, by the US Government only 2 days after Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada's new temporary Prime Minister is being loudly cheered by those both inside and outside Canada who wish to preserve Canada's clean and abundant fresh water supplies. 

US President Obama has made it perfectly clear that the United States is not interested in dirty oil from Canada's tar sands which is highly explosive and highly toxic due to the chemicals used in the process to extract the oil from the sand in which it is deposited.  

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In addition, the process used to extract oil from the tar sands pollutes and destroys vast amounts of clean fresh water that would be far better utilized in the American south west and northern Mexico

The United States and Mexico have a real stake in insuring that Canada keeps its water supplies fresh and clean because in the decades to come vast amounts of Canadian fresh water are going to be sent south through a continent wide  system of canals, aquaducts, river diversions and pipelines. 

On November 9, 2015, the Monday after the Friday announcement by President Obama, Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs announced that the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II would be removed from the wall in the lobby at the Foreign Affairs Headquarters in Ottawa at and replaced by two Canadian coastal landscape paintings that once occupied the same spot.

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The former Conservative Party Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, had celebrated the installation of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as a symbol of the alleged close ties between Canada and Britain ignoring the fact that Canada's greatest ally and friend is the neighbour next door.     

The newly installed Liberal Party Foreign Affairs Minister Stephan Dion removed the portrait as a symbolic gesture to let the world and, especially, the United States Government know that Canada was under a new government that was no longer taking orders from Queen Elizabeth and her crowd who  were part of the Water War Crimes carried out against the people of Canada, United States and Mexico. 

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Like many an American President before him, US President Barack Obama has his eye on Canada's clean fresh water.

So, the very next day after Justin Trudeau was declared temporary Prime Minister of Canada, the temporary President of the United States, Barack Obama, placed a telephone call to the new Canadian Prime Minister just to remind him that Canada had a very large, powerful and friendly neighbour and that his nation expected that its neighbour, Canada, would carry out the promises his father, Pierre Trudeau, made to the United States about fresh water. And, of course, Justin Trudeau would not do anything to dishonour his father, so Canadians and Americans can expect that the work of Prime Minister Harper and US President Obama will be continued by Canada's new temporary Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The historical record shows that American official interest in Canadian water was developed certainly as early as the 1950's when the US Army Corps of Engineers first proposed a continental water management scheme known as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWPA or NAWAPA, also referred to as NAWAPTA from the proposed governing body the North American Water and Power Treaty Authority).

The planners envisioned diverting water from some rivers in Alaska south through Canada via the Rocky Mountain Trench and other routes to the US and would have involve 369 separate construction projects. The water would enter the US in northern Montana. There it would be diverted to the headwaters of rivers such as the Colorado River and the Yellowstone River.

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The project was quietly supported by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the father of Justin Trudeau, who persuaded Queen Elizabeth and the English parliament to hand over final legislative approval to Canada in 1982 and who then set up the MacDonald Commission Report that recommended Free Trade Agreement with the United States that the Americans were happy to sign knowing fresh water was part of the bargain and that water would soon be flowing south.

The water part of the Free Trade Agreement deal went side ways in the late 1980'sand early 1990's when a Vancouver based company with numerous political and organized crime connections manipulated the political process in in Canada both federally and provincially, i.e. British Columbia, and in the  process of cutting out their competitors ended up with a completely illegal fresh water export monopoly.  

Our sources report that former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien got involved in that deal in Vancouver when he was briefly a private sector lawyer in Ottawa after Brian Mulroney took over from Pierre Trudeau as Canada's temporary Prime Minister.  For a number of reasons, Prime Minister Chretien was unable to put the water export deal back together and it was Prime Minister Harper who restarted the process by inviting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ottawa in 2007 for private meetings after which Arnold and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell collaborated to put together several cross-border agreements involving British Columbia and several western states that set up a legal framework for the NAWAPA.  Actual construction in British Columbia began in the July 2015 when British Columbia Hydro broke ground on the Site C Dam project that is part of the original NAWAPA plan   

Prime Minister Harper and President Obama, along with their colleagues in Mexico, have been quietly working on the water export project that is critical to the long term survival of the North American economy as one of the most prosperous regions on earth. So, temporary US President Barack Obama made sure he placed a telephone call to former temporary Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and personally thanked him for the work he did while he was Prime Minister of Canada.

And, when the true history of North America is written, it will be noted that, behind the scenes and out of the glare of the public spotlight, US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper accomplished what other Presidents and Prime Ministers could not, once again, affirming the eternal principle that co-operation, goodwill and working together in the spirit of friendship can accomplish far more than belligerency.   
<![CDATA[Chief Justices of British Columbia Superior Courts Lawyer Up With Appointment of New Mouthpiece, Bruce Cohen]]>Fri, 11 Sep 2015 04:51:46 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/chief-justices-of-british-columbia-superior-courts-lawyer-up-with-appointment-of-new-mouthpiece-bruce-cohenBritish Columbia Chief Justices
Hire Top Defence Counsel
The Chief Justice of British Columbia, Robert Bauman, shown in photo on left, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Christopher Hinkson, shown in centre photo, both shaken and reeling by charges of criminal corruption in their courts have hired a top legal counsel in the form of former British Columbia Justice Bruce Cohen (shown in photo on right).

The most recent charge of corruption emerged in the case involving John English and his family's Pacific Rim Resort where three handpicked justices of the Court of Appeal denied John English his fundamental right to legal counsel, a right guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in order to protect civil servants and politicians in British Columbia

Click here to read more about the English Family struggle against the criminals with the Government of British Columbia

The charge that Chief Justices Bauman and Hinkson have been rigging court cases involving BC lawyer John Carten and his clients that have been clearly made on this web site for many months and have never been denied by the two Chief Justices and were corroborated by allegations recently made online Dr. John David Kuntz, who was railroaded by a judicial and legal conspiracy that involved both Bauman and Hinkson is a dirty piece of litigation back in the 1990's that ripped off BC taxpayers for many millions of dollars. 

Click here to read the Story of the Role of Bauman and Chris Hinkson in the destruction of career of the brilliant Dr. John David Kuntz 

When asked for comment, Mr. Carten replied: "I first met Bob Bauman when e he was 7 or 8 years old and I always had a lot of respect for him.  He is in the middle of some very serious problems. I hope that the hiring of Bruce Cohen will assist him to guide the court because what happened to John English and his family is a civic disgrace and brings into disrepute the administration of justice in this province". 

According to the Court of Appeal web site

"Mr. Cohen will act as a spokesperson for the Superior Courts and as a liaison between the Superior Courts Judiciary and the media respecting the decisions of the Superior Courts and any initiatives undertaken by the Superior Courts to improve access to justice or to make the Superior Courts’ processes more efficient and affordable". 

At the same time, another instance of British Columbia court corruption was uncovered by Mr. Carten who assisted Vancouver Island farmers, Gordon and Catherine Pastula, resist a fraudulent and illegal foreclosure application brought by Antrim Investments Ltd of Langley BC with the assistance of Vancouver lawyer, Brian Markus, and Cowichan Valley lawyer, William Younie, friend of BC Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton who is herself caught in a web of corruption. 

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Pope Francis and President Obama (shown in photo on left) are making history again. 

Pope Francis has initiated plans to canonize Father Junipero Serra (shown in photo on right), the early Franciscan missionary who worked the first great miracle of California that continues to this day.

The greatness of Father Serra is that he established the first irrigation canals in California bringing water from the mountains to the dry and parched earth that could barely grow anything and, in doing so, Father Serra worked the miracle of transforming a desert into a garden and that small garden has grown into the great State of California that is the home to 40 million brave and creative souls who continue to create miracles in a land that was doomed to be a desert until Father Serra worked his first miracle.  

Click here to read more about Father Serra

The miracle of Father Serra has been repeated over and over in California which today is the richest growing agricultural area in the world all due to the miracle of water and the ingenuity of farsighted men and women who build for the future.

In preparation for his meeting with Pope Francis, US President Obama visited Alaska, this week, along with British Columbia water / energy minister Bill Bennett. 

Along with Alaska, British Columbia will be a key player in the development of the North American Power and Water Alliance, the NAWAPA, a scheme conceived in the 1950's by the US Army Corps of Engineers to deliver huge quantities of fresh water to California.and other parts of the American southwest to northern Mexico and the $8 billion Site C Dam project in north eastern British Columbia is part of that grand scheme that was touted by Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson who was quoted in 1966 saying of the plan that “This can be one of the most important developments in our history." [13]
The NAWAPA project has been secretly supported by successive Canadian and British Columbia governments that have, unfortunately, followed a devious path of official denials, insider investment, criminal breach of trust and murder to cover up insider participation that can be traced the highest levels of politics in Canada and British Columbia. The list of those with inside information who suddenly died, some on circumstances that suggest they were murdered,  is set out at our web page entitled The Graveyard of the Guilty.    
<![CDATA[Prime Minister Harper, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, A Murdered Canadian Judge, Irish Singer Bono, Prince Charles and Joe Biden]]>Sun, 05 Jul 2015 05:25:00 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/prime-minister-harper-pope-francis-pope-benedict-a-murdered-canadian-judge-irish-singer-bono-prince-charles-and-joe-bidenStrange High Level Meetings.
Prime Minister Harper had a brief, very brief, 10 minute meeting with Pope Francis on June 11, 2015 at the Vatican where he and Pope Francis, undoubtedly, had some important business to do.  The body language of both parties showed that they were both very uncomfortable.  The Pope's face was grave and solemn throughout while Harper managed to force a few awkward grins for the cameras.  Symbolically, Canadian Prime Minister Harper made a point of sleeping on a Canadian warship on the night previous to his visit with Pope Francis. This was a symbolic message to Pope Francis and his people reminding them that Canada was a military power, they better not try anything funny and that Canada had the power to back up its words with force, if necessary.

The meeting between Pope Francis and Prime Minister Harper was "State to State" taking place at the Vatican which is the usual place where heads of state are commonly greeted by the Pope and his people.  The location of the meeting contrasted greatly with meeting between Pope Francis and Canada's Official Head of State, Queen Elizabeth, that took place on April 3, 2014 at the Pope's private residence.  The meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis took 5 hours as compared to the Harper meeting of 10 minutes.

Five days later, on June 15, 2015, Irish rock star, Bono, a.k.a. Sir Bono, paid a surprise visit to Prime Minister Harper in Ottawa.  It was a bizarre flash meeting but, in the world of Prime Ministers, Popes and Rock Stars, personal meetings are often contrived in order to deliver private messages that no one dares make public.  

Insiders advise that Bono is a secret agent of MI-6, the British intelligence service, an allegation that makes some sense when one considers that Bono, an Irishman, did get down on his knees to accept a title, a knighthood, from the English Queen Elizabeth which is similar to an Israeli, like, say, Benjamin Netanyahu, getting down on his knees and accepting the Iron Cross from Adolf Hitler's daughter or granddaughter because it is a historical fact that the English Crown Criminal Gang attempted to exterminate the Irish just like the Hitler Nazi Criminal Gang attempted to exterminate the Jews.   

Bono also met with Canada's opposition leaders, ex school teacher, Justy Trudeau, son of the corrupt, pedofile, bisexual, communist, Catholic, former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and Tom Mulcair, a former lawyer from Quebec who previously went on public record supporting a managed water export policy for Canada.

So, what is going on? 

Did the meeting between Pope Francis and Prime Minister Harper have anything to do with the murder / execution of Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice Layden-Stevenson, who unlawfully blocked access to justice for Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs, and whose death was allegedly given high level sanction by Pope Benedict who suddenly resigned after Queen Elizabeth announced a private meeting in Rome with the President of Italy in February 2013?  

The planned meeting with the President of Italy was highly unusual because Queen Elizabeth announced that, contrary to her prior practice on all previous visits to Italy, she would not be meeting the Pope. The meeting was cancelled immediately after the Editors of this web site advised Prime Minister Harper that Queen Liz was intending to discuss Canadian business, i.e. the murder of a Canadian judge,  with the President of Italy without consulting the Canadian Prime Minister which would have been a clear violation of her constitutional duties as Head of State for Canada. That advice was advertised on this web site and immediately afterwards, Queen Liz was booked into a London hospital to prove to the world that she really was sick which was the ostensible reason for the cancellation of the meeting. 

Certainly, British Intelligence would have a keen interest in learning what took place or was exchanged in the very brief meeting between Pope Francis and Prime Minister Harper and whether or not the Jesuit Pope revealed any English state secrets he learned from Queen Liz's during her five hour "confession" to the Canadian Prime Minister.  The Jesuits, founded in 1540, and British Intelligence have had a complex relationship ever since the days of the Queen Elizabeth I (1558 -1603).      


On July 4, 2015, Prime Minister Harper had a private meeting with Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth, in Winnipeg. 

The Prince was on a "royal" tour which was planned sometime ago so the meeting was expected but, nonetheless, the Prince would have an interest in knowing whether or not Harper had "the dirt" on his mother or any other top level information from Pope Francis that affected British interests.

So, on July 4, 2015, US President Obama announced that Vice President Joe Biden would be paying a flash "surprise" visit to Vancouver where he is meeting with Prime Minister Harper.  The public cover for the meeting is the World Cup Women's Soccer finals where Joe will be cheering for the American team that is facing off against Japan. 

US President Obama has a keen interest in making sure that Canada and British Columbia carry out their promises to deliver clean fresh water to the American southwest and Mexico without interference from offshore interests, such as the Queen or the Pope, and it is expected that Joe and his people will be fishing for information about what really took place in the 10 minute visit between Prime Minister Harper and Pope Francis, the 20 minute meeting between Bono and Prime Minister Harper and the private meeting between Harper and Prince Charles.

Editors Note: 
Readers are encouraged to study the body language displayed in the photos of Harper and the Pope as compared to that displayed between Obama and the Pope. As every good psychologist, lawyer and judge knows, body language is often a more accurate reflection of the truth than the words of a witness.  Harper was clearly unable to disguise his anxiety about meeting the Pope and the Pope made no attempt to disguise his grave concern about whatever was being discussed. In contrast, Obama and the Pope were clearly comfortable about their meeting.      


On July 6, 2015, immediately after his visit with Joe Biden, Prime Minister Harper will be paying a high level visit with Alberta's newly elected Premier, Rachel Notley, who was part of the criminal gang operating inside the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General when the Ujjal Dosanjh was the Attorney General for British Columbia and the government of British Columbia was on its anti American strategy of closing the US Navy Submarine Base, at Nanoose on Vancouver Island, and blockading an Alaskan Ferry with 400 passengers for three days at Prince Rupert

The role of Rachel Notley in these acts of war against Canada's war time ally and peace time economic partner was not disclosed to the Alberta public before she was elected but the reader can be assured that it is being duly noted in the halls of power in case Rachel Notley steps out of line in the future. 


The surprisingly high death toll among British Columbia government employees and officers workers who were in a position to blow the whistle over the Water War Crimes is statistical evidence that some of them were murdered.

The key element in a murder case is motive and there is no doubt that high level insiders with the BC Ministry of Justice and Attorney General had as motive to murder their colleagues and former colleagues.

Another scandal swirling around the BC Government is the alleged recent suicide of BC Health care researcher, Roderick MacIssac, who allegedly committed suicide after he was dismissed for his alleged role.

Insiders with links to the BC Government now advise that is more likely Roderick MacIssac was murdered for the following reasons:

1.  MacIssac knew too much and was a liability for senior level BC government employees;

2.  A former BC Government employee involved in the MacIssac suicide/murder matter revealed, from Australia where she moved to out of fear for her life, that she retained copies of emails and other documents that prove the high level insiders including the Deputy Minister of Justice were involved in the cover up.

According to former Auditor General for British Columbia, now also living in Australia said the government is engaged in 

"a smokescreen. Some of them were right in the middle of it but some of them were in the periphery. The big things occurring outside the health ministry were some more senior people and a lot of, as I said, politicians involved in the process as well.”

The information from our sources is that the project involved testing of an anti smoking drug that had major side effects including increased rates of suicide which would explain the major cover up at the highest level because the lawsuits will soon be filed and there will be major claims against the government and the drug company involved. 

Our sources also advise us that  British Columbia government pensions funds are heavily invested in the drug company stock further explaining the cover up.

Click here to read about criminal corruption at BCIMC.   
<![CDATA[Justice Elizabeth Bennett, the Water War Crimes and Judicial Case Rigging in British Columbia]]>Fri, 05 Jun 2015 14:55:59 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/justice-elizabeth-bennett-the-water-war-crimes-and-judicial-case-rigging-in-british-columbiaMORE CORRUPTION IN THE COURTS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
In the Editors opinion, Elizabeth Bennett (shown in photo on right) is a crooked judge. 

In the late 1990's prominent British Columbia Justice John Bouck (shown in photo on left) wrote a series of articles that were published in the local newspaper describing how the courts were organized, like a hockey team, with Team A and Team B, and how certain judges were selected by the Chief Justice for certain cases.  

Basically, Justice John Bouck was telling the public that the court system was crooked and the Chief Justice was behind the crookedness by rigging cases through the use of judges he could rely on to render the verdict he wanted.  

Elizabeth Bennett is one of those judges. 

Elizabeth Bennett first came to public attention in 2001 when she was assigned to fix the outcome of the case against former Premier Glen Clark who had been removed from office by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his gang who arranging for the RCMP to lay a bogus criminal charge against the Premier and they needed a Jean Chretien appointed judge who could be relied on to manage the trial. Otherwise, the truth might come out and Jean Chretien or, at least his pals who set up Clark, would go to jail instead of Premier Clark. 

The Chief Justice, at that time, was Donald Brennerwho was deeply connected to Jean Chretien and his gang and who was also part of the a judicial criminal gang  that made an illegal ruling that was contrived to put Mr. Carten in jail for 40 days in 1998 when he was acting on a case that would have exposed Prime Minister Chretien as an investor in the scheme ot look Canada's water export wealth.

Brenner was rewarded for his corruption by being made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 2000 after Chief Justice Bryan Williams was removed / resigned for case rigging in the Water War Crimes cases.  Brenner resigned in 2009 and was murdered in 2011. 

Justice Bennett performed her role well. The trial was managed.  Glen Clark's political career was ruined and the truth about Prime Minister Chretien and his pals was never revealed.  

About 10 years later, Justice Bennett was assigned by Robert Bauman, then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to the Basi Virk political scandal trial that involved allegations of corruption connected to Premier Gordon Campbell and the sale of BC Rail to his friends at CN Rail. The case was also stage managed from behind the scenes. 

The public in British Columbia owe a great debt to Justice Bouck.  He stood up for the integrity of the justice system and told the truth about how the justice system is manipulated like a puppet show from behind the scenes and he didn't just complain but actually made a very sensible suggestion for reform.

Justice Bouck recommended that the Supreme Court Act be amended and that the Chief Justice be elected by his brother and sister judges for a term of 5 years. The  recommendation has been adopted by the Canadian Committee for Constitutional Courts but has not yet been adopted by any Canadian governments because they are afraid of losing control of the supposedly independent judiciary in Canada that is actually not independent at all but controlled from the inside just as Justice John Bouck described.  

Elizabeth Bennett, Chief Justice Robert Bauman and the Irish Curse

When Mr. Carten appeared before Justice Bennett (shown in photo on right) at the Court of Appeal for British Columbia in April 2015, he asked her to withdraw from the case because she was closely connected to his political enemies that corrupted the court process against himself and his clients, especially Sun Belt Water Inc.

Justice Bennett refused to withdraw and made an order that effectively cut off all of Mr. Carten's retirement income for the rest of his life contrary to the law. She did it. She knew that she was breaking her judicial oath but she did it anyway.  Basically, she signed her death warrant.

About one month later, Mr. Carten appeared in the Court of Appeal to assist John English and his family who  are the victims of a violent criminal conspiracy carried civil servants with the Government of British Columbia.

Click here to read about the looting of the English family property by the Government of British Columbia

Elizabeth Bennett was on the panel of three judges assigned to hear the case and she wasn't looking well.  The other two judges on the panel were Mary Saunders and Nicole Garson.  All three were appointed judges by Prime Minister Jean Chretien and all three broke the law and violated Mr. English rights by refusing to allow Mr. Carten to make oral argument on behalf of Mr. English and his family.   

Elizabeth Bennett was showing the visible signs and body language of her corruption. She looked as if she had aged 10 years in the four weeks since her crooked judgment against Mr. Carten. She could not look Mr. Carten in the eye.  She sat hunched over and had a dark aura about her.  This is how the physiology of a judge responds when they engage in criminal conduct that violates their oath of office.   

The assignment of Elizabeth Bennett to the case involving the English family strongly suggests the case is being rigged by Chief Justice Bauman (shown in photo on left) who is obviously taking orders from someone inside the Government of British Columbia or Canada. 

A close look at the recent photo of Chief Justice Bauman shows that he is suffering from blotchy facial discolouration that is the characteristic symptom of the ancient Irish curse that afflicts lying and cheating judges/lawyers. These are the similar to symptom of the  disease that afflicted Jim Flaherty the former Canadian finance minister before he suddenly died from the Irish curse because he, too, was involved in covering up judicial corruption . 

A grave (shown in centre photo) awaits a crooked judge so readers should keep their eyes on both Justice Elizabeth Bennett and Chief Justice Robert Bauman.  
<![CDATA[Newly elected Alberta Premier Rachel Notley implicated in Water War Crimes and murder conspiracy]]>Thu, 07 May 2015 16:54:22 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/newly-elected-alberta-premier-rachel-notley-implicated-in-water-war-crimes-and-murder-conspiracyRACHEL NOTLEY AND ORGANIZED CRIME IN BRITISH COLUMBIA MINISTRY OF ATTORNEY GENERAL

Alberta's newly elected Premier, Rachel Notley, is deeply connected with and worked for Ujjal Dosanjh back in 1996 when Ujjal Dosnajh was lying and cheating his way along as a member of the criminal gang connected to the Water War Crimes.  The role of Rachel Notley in these crimes is unexplored but there is no doubt that the Attorney General Ministry of British Columbia was incredibly corrupt under Dosanjh and that many of the players have suddenly died since in circumstances suggesting they were murdered. 

According to the Vancouver Sun:

Former B.C. premier Ujjal Dosanjh, who hired Notley as a ministerial assistant when he was the attorney general in the 1990s, said she was a savvy political aide who helped him pass groundbreaking legislation to give gay and lesbian couples the right to obtain payments for spousal and child support."

“She’s exceptionally bright,” Dosanjh said Wednesday. “She has very good political instincts and from what I remember she was great at the doorstep because occasionally between elections we went canvassing.”

“I was very pleasantly surprised to see her become premier-elect,” he added

At the time, Rachel worked closely with Assistant Deputy Minister Gillian Wallace who was in charge of civil litigation and who suddenly died when her crimes were exposed on this web site along with Jack Ebbels, a senior lawyer, who also died when his crimes were exposed on this web site. 

<![CDATA[British Columbia Water Export Premier Christy Clark Enters World Stage in Washington, D.C. at World Bank and White House]]>Fri, 24 Apr 2015 04:04:16 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/british-columbia-water-export-premier-christy-clark-enters-world-stage-in-washington-dc-at-white-house-imf-and-g-8BC WATER POLICY & PREMIER
While senior employees of her government continue to cover up the Water War Crimes including the murder of several key witnesses, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark (shown in centre photo) was in Washington, D.C., on April 17 meeting leaders of the IMF, World Bank Group, and United Nations and ministers from 42 countries where they discussed how to mobilize trillions of dollars needed globally to address climate change.

Click here to read World Bank Web Site Story

The government of Premier Christy Clark will be needing about $8 billion of those dollars to build the huge water reservoir at the Site C in northeastern British Columbia.

Click here to read about the Site C Dam

The Site C Dam is a critical lynch pin in the North American Water and Power Agreement (NAWAPA) that will deliver millions of acre feet of water from British Columbia to California other parts of the American south west and to northern  Mexico

Click here to read more about the NAWAPA

Premier Christy Clark also had a private meeting at the White House on Friday afternoon with Roberta Jacobson,United States Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs since March 30, 2012 where insiders report that water export issues were discussed along with the recent revelation that former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was probably a Chinese Communist Party asset.

And, on Wednesday April 22, 2015, Mr. Carten was in Victoria at the British Columbia Court of Appeal where yet another judge, Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett, who had been a long term employee of the British Columbia Minister of the Attorney General, was assigned to a case involving Mr. Carten and lawyers for the Attorney General are continuing their desperate effort to cover up criminal activity by politicians and lawyers including the latest lawyers caught in alleged criminal activity, Bent, a.k.a Brent, Hird and Joanne Platt both of whom work for both the Attorney General and the Canadian subsidiary of Maximus Inc. an American multi-national well known for fraudulent practices and with deep links to the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church

Editors Note: So far Justice Elizabeth Bennett has conducted herself properly in the case involving Mr. Carten but there are serious concerns that she is being blackmailed and will be threatened and even murdered as a result of her involvement in the case.       

<![CDATA[The Law Of Karma Catches Up With Retired Canadian Politician John  Reynolds And Kills His Son]]>Sun, 05 Apr 2015 19:26:36 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/the-law-of-karma-catches-up-with-retired-canadian-politician-john-reynolds-and-kills-his-sonWATER, KARMA, POLITICS, JOHN REYNOLDS, AND THE GRAVEYARD OF THE GUILTY  
The law of karma caught up with former Canadian politician John Reynolds (shown in photo on left) when, on April 2, 2015, his son, Paul Reynolds, (shown in photo on right) died, at age 52, after some undisclosed  complications while he was swimming, in the water, near Hawaii.

John Reyolds was a cabinet minister in the British Columbia government back in the 1980's when that cabinet was breaking the law by assisting in a criminal conspiracy to confer a water export monopoly on W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd., a company that obtained its financing with the help of
Canaccord Capital, the notorious Vancouver based financial advisory company that employed Paul Reynolds from 1985 onwards exactly the same time WCW was conspiring with the BC Government to get its monopoly position.

The Editors have no direct evidence that Paul Reynolds was part of that criminal conspiracy but it is reasonable to assume he was part of that criminal conspiracy given his position with Canaccord Capital and his family connections. 

The fact that he died as the result of an incident involving water suggests that his death may have been a targeted murder to symbolically demonstrate to the players in the Water War Crimes and other observers that the executioners are at work killing the players in the Water War Crimes. USA Triathlon has estimated the odds of death in a triathlon are 1 in about 76,000 participants. If Paul Reynolds was a part of the conspiracy against the interests of the people of the United States (and Canada) then he was a legitimate target and it would be a very easy matter to assassinate him while he was participating in an athletic event in Hawaii

Paul Reynolds was appointed by Prime Minister Harper's Conservative Government to Canada's Federal Global Commerce Strategy Panel in 2012.

The sudden death of Paul Reynolds is expected to be a mortal blow to John Reynolds, his father, who will suffer grief and sadness so he can experience the pain he caused others through his mischief while holding public office like the death of Michel Trudeau, also in a water accident, on Friday the 13th in November 1998 , caused grief and sadness and led to the death of his father, Pierre Trudeau, by cancer in September 2000. 

Like the death of Paul Reynolds in a triathlon (76,000 to 1), the odds of dying from an avalanche, like the one that swept Michel Trudeau into the water of a cold mountain lake, in Canada, in November, when snow levels are at their lowest, is exceedingly rare which suggests that both deaths may have been targeted assassinations. 

John Baird Joins A Chinese Spy Company 

"Birds of a feather flock together"

A few short weeks after he left politics in Canada, former Canadian Foreign Affair Minister John Baird was hired by the Li Ka-shing Group to work as a consultant.

The Li Ka-shing is man whose companies are regarded by Western intelligence agencies as nothing more than a money-making front for Chinese military intelligence.  

The Li Ka-shing Group hold significant interests in Vancouver including the former Expo 86 lands that were acquired in suspicious circumstances involving the BC Government. 

Editors Note: The Editors have seen no direct evidence linking the Li Ka-shing Group to the Water War Crimes but certain players involved in the Water War Crimes are well known as consultants for the Li Ka-shing Group.   
<![CDATA[Prince Charles in Washington to Explain His Mother's Role In Crimes Against the USA and Canada Over Water Export Scandal.]]>Sun, 29 Mar 2015 03:24:09 GMThttp://www.waterwarcrimes.com/newest-developments-blog---breaking-news---follow-ongoing-developments-here/prince-charles-in-washington-to-explain-his-mothers-role-in-crimes-against-the-usa-and-canada-over-water-export-scandalThe President and The Prince
Last week, Prince Charles, (shown in photo on left) the apologetic son of the guilty Queen Elizabeth (shown in centre photo) Phillip, paid a 4 day visit to Washington, D.C., at the direction of the UK government, where he was cordially greeted by President Obama (shown on photo on right). 

According to sources, Prince Charles was in Washington to apologize for a big mistake his mother had made a few decades earlier when she got involved in the Canadian water swindle and his visit to Washington is part of the ongoing Water War Crimes cover up and murders that recently led to a high level shake up in Canada that took place in the days following the high level meeting on January 30, 2015 between Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and Mexican Foreign Minister, Jose Antonio Meade.  

On his return to Canada,
John Baird suddenly resigned,  announced he was leaving politics forever and, then, paid a high level visit to London to confer with Queen Elizabeth and former British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell who is Canada's Ambassador to London and who was deeply involved in the Water War Crimes cover up and other alleged corruption that makes him generally reviled figure in British Columbia

The alleged role of Queen Elizabeth and her husband is a secret scheme to loot Canada's water export revenues and gouge thirsty Americans came to the attention of Canadian and American authorities in 2011 after insiders reported the fact to Mr. Carten who promptly reported his information to Prime Minister Harper and his colleagues who verified the information with Canadian intelligence agencies. 

The matter was extremely serious because, if the information was correct, then Queen Elizabeth had violated her Coronation Oath, a technical forfeiture of the Throne, and engaged in an act of war against the United States, the best friend and greatest ally of Canada. 

As this web site reported at the time,  Prime Minister Harper asked UK Prime Minister David Cameron to visit Ottawa to discuss the issue while at the same time he held private meetings with American officials and then a symbolic meeting with President Obama on December 7, 2011.  Students of American history well know that December 7 is symbolically known as "a day of infamy" because it marks the sneak attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941. It was apparent that Prime Minister Harper and President Obama were sending a symbolic message to the Royal Family.  

Prince Charles has been an advocate of water exports between Canada and the USA and he coined the phrase "water harvesting" in a speech he made in Newfoundland during his 11 visit to Canada in November 2009 when he encouraged Canadians to regard water as a renewable resource like hay or wheat that could be profitably harvested and sold. (See Queen Elizabeth and the Water War Crimes Page and scroll down to Another Royal Co-incidence to read about Prince Charles water export advocacy).